What is JioXpressNews?
JioXpressNews is an app for reading a wide range of articles from various news sources, magazines & blogs, published in India and globally, and in multiple languages. It offers you a superior reading experience and ensures offline reading at any time convenient to you. It is available for iOS, Android and Tizen phones.
From where can I download JioXpressNews?
You can download JioXpressNews from Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS, and Tizen Store for Tizen.
On which devices can I access JioXpressNews?
Currently, JioXpressNews is available on Android, iOS and Tizen phones.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use JioXpressNews?
You need to have an Internet connection or a mobile data plan to get the latest news updates and to enjoy all the features of JioXpressNews. However, once the news content has been updated, you can view and read all the available articles offline in the Xpress View.
What is Xpress View and when should it be used?
Xpress View is a simplified version of the article you see in the Web View (Web version of the article) and involves minimum load time. You can use it when you are offline or have a slow internet connection.
How do I change my content language preferences?
Go to the Left Navigation Drawer and tap on 'My Languages', select your preferred languages and subsequent interest areas. The content on Home page will now reflect your preferences.
How do I change my interest areas preferences?
Go to the Left Navigation Drawer and tap on 'My Interests'. Here, you can select or deselect interest areas. You can also tap on the '+' button on the Home screen and do the same.
How do I change my publication preferences?
To change the publication preferences for a specific interest area, you can go to 'My Interests', either through the Left Navigation Drawer or by tapping the '+' button on the home screen. As you tap the interest area ellipses and select 'Edit' option, you will be taken to the publication selection page where you can update your publication preferences.
How do I get access to all the articles published by a publication?
Go to the Left Navigation Drawer and tap on 'My Publications'. Here you can add publications of your choice for instant access. You can also click on the publication name in the article listing for instant access.
How do I search for my favourite publication or article?
Tap on the 'Search' icon on the Home screen & type your query in the Search box provided and the app will display relevant search results, categorized into publications and articles.
How can I share an article I read on JioXpressNews with my friends?
You can share JioXpressNews articles by tapping on the 'Share' button while reading an article and selecting the social medium. Sharing through JioChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other prominent platforms is supported.
What should be done when specific publication is not available on JioXpressNews?
We are constantly adding new publishers and their publications to the JioXpressNews catalogue. Please tell us which publications you want to read on JioXpressNews through our 'Feedback' option and we will try to get them on board.
How do I reach out for feedback for JioXpressNews?
Tap on the 'Feedback' option present in Support section of Left Navigation Drawer and share your valuable inputs.