What is JioNewsPaper?
JioNewsPaper is an app that allows you to explore and read a wide range of newspapers across multiple languages. You can stay updated on news from your city, wherever you are, with over 250+ city editions. JioNewsPaper allows you to enjoy a superior reading experience at your convenience, even when you are offline.
From where can I download JioNewsPaper?
You can download JioNewsPaper from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
On which devices can I access JioNewsPaper?
JioNewsPaper is available on both Android and iOS tablets/Smartphones. You will need an Android device with OS 4.1 or higher or an iPad with iOS version 9.0 or higher to enjoy the features of JioNewsPaper.
Can I automatically download issues of newspapers I like from the JioNewsPaper application?
On the reader screen of a particular newspaper, tap on the heart icon present on the top right corner to mark the newspaper as Favourite. The latest copy of the Favourite newspapers will be made available in Newsstand as soon as you launch the app.
How do I search for specific newspaper or content?
To search for a specific newspaper, you simply have to type the newspaper's title in the search box provided on the 'Newsstand' screen of the application and the app will display relevant search results.
You can also search for specific words within a newspaper, once you have downloaded and opened a newspaper. Tap on the 'Search' icon on the top right corner of the app screen and type the words you want to search. The app will search the words within the currently opened newspaper and display results accordingly.
What is a Clipping?
The 'Clipping' feature allows you to take a snapshot of the news clip you liked or wanted to save for future reference. To take a 'Clipping', tap on the Crop button on the top right corner while reading a newspaper. This will place a rectangle on the screen which can be dragged from any of its corners to resize the clip area. You can even drag the clip as a rectangle by swiping it to a location of your choice. Once you have the clip rectangle area and location of your choice, release the dragging action and the app will ask you to enter a desired name for this clip. When a name is entered, the clip will automatically get saved and will be available for your future viewing in 'My Clippings' under the 'My Collection' section of the app.
Can I read Newspapers online without downloading them?
You need to download a newspaper to be able to read it.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use JioNewsPaper?
You would require an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 256Kbps to download the newspapers & enjoy all the features on JioNewsPaper. However, you can view downloaded newspapers offline as per your convenience.
How do I mark a newspaper edition as my favourite?
Download and open your preferred newspaper. Then simply tap on the 'Favourite' icon on the top right corner of the screen, to mark the newspaper as your favourite. The latest copy of your 'Favourite' newspapers will be auto-downloaded as soon as you launch the app.
I am an avid reader of specific newspapers which are not available on JioNewsPaper. Can they be added?
We are constantly updating the list of publications available. Let us know the newspaper/edition you wish to be made available on JioNewsPaper, through our 'Feedback' option and we will try our best to make them available for you.
How can I share my feedback for JioNewsPaper?
Tap on the 'Feedback' option present in the 'Support' section of left navigation drawer and share your valuable inputs.