1.       How can I start using Jio Group Talk application? 

·         Please download Jio Group Talk from Google Play store/ App Store.

·         After installing it, you have to configure it with your Jio number.

·         OTP will be received on the Jio number which is used for verification. Now app is ready to use. (for limited user Beta trials)


2.       What is the prerequisite for using Jio Group Talk?

·         You should  have a VoLTE enabled device with  Jio SIM card

·         Device should have internet connection 

·         Call/SMS should be working on the device


3.       Can I use other operator's SIM card to make a group talk?

No. Please insert Jio SIM card to enjoy Jio Group Talk services. (Currently limited user Beta trials)

4.       Can I make Jio Group Talk call to non-Jio users?



5.       Do all users need to have Jio Group Talk app to make conference?



6.       Does my Application work on Wi-Fi?

Application will not work in only Wi-Fi zone. Device must be connected to Jio VoLTE


7.       What does Manage Call means?

You can manage all callee on the conference. You may Add callee, individual Mute, Group Mute, Reconnect caller etc.


8.       Can I make video conference with the application?

Not currently.


9.       Can I make conference call to landline users?



10.   Can I add international number to a Jio Group Talk conference call?



11.   Can I use Jio Group Talk on a data only Phone (having Jio SIM Card) supporting Jio 4G Voice?



12.   Do I need to use specific SIM slot preference to use Jio Group Talk in dual SIM devices?



13.   Can I use Jio group talk to make chat / Group chat?

Currently you can only make conference calls


14.   How can I change my Jio Group talk number?

You can change your JGT no. easily by logging out and login again with new Jio number


15.   Can I add any number in Jio Group conference which is not in my contact list?

No. You have to save a contact first to add it in conference.


16.   How can I add a new number to Jio Group Talk contacts?

You can add a new user from Jio Group Talk app or Native contacts


17.   Can I edit already saved contact through application?

No. You have to edit a contact using native contacts app only


18.   How do I delete a user from a group?

Long press the user you want to remove from a group and pop-up to remove will appear. Here you can delete the user from the group


19.   Jio group Talk is  showing OTP limit breached

Please wait for at least 5 minutes before requesting new OTP


20.   How can I mute conference users?

You can mute users individually by pressing mute button next to them in Manage call window. You can mute all users simultaneously (Lecture Mode) by pressing Mute All button at top right corner of Manage call screen.


21.   How can I mute myself in a Jio Group talk conference call

Go back to native dialer screen by pressing cross button on top left of Manage call Screen. You can mute yourself from there


22.   Some users are showing “Not Connected” in Manage Call window during  a conference call

User showing “Not Connected” may be busy or not reachable at the moment conference call was initiated. You can retry them by pressing call button on their contact icon